Aro Osayimwen

This man is presently my closest friend that is always there for me and he knows what he does. May be his profession (Achitecture) plays a role but I always enjoy sessions we have together talking about the beautiful things we enjoy in Germany and the great plans we have for the future. I envy him a lot and wish him the best in life. Especially a lovely second half., +49-175-8731095

Amen Odaro

This is the most stubborn character I have met with 2 breast.

It suits her and her profession. Law.

Amenze Igbe

She was my special guest for september 2003. Her closesyt friend is Irene.


This was the birthday party of Joy Obazee In Ekpoma. AG Aburime on white. Ashi next. Joy first from right.
Our last days in Medical school Uniben. From left Tito(, myself, Humphrey Ugbawa(, O.K. Ajah(, Abeke and Piro.
Atani (Center) , Emeka on White and I. Jojo on the background. Burial ceremony of the late Ikhifa.

Student of Uniben. She has a way of mixing action and education.


Iredia, Adoga, Tietie, Jojo and I. That was in Blue Edge after a cup of nation match.

She is from Eritrea. Lives in my city in Germany. Studying Architechture.Phone no. withheld.

Eghe, Tito and Osarumwense Akenzua.
Okey Ajah