CORARichard Skeezee-reez.

I still have those things you like in me. I have dropped the ones you dont (except one). I enjoy my work. I am presently doing my residency in Internal Medicine in cardiology and I surprisingly excel because of my african tertiary upbringing.

My leisure time has been stolen by (internet). I still play football wednesdays but I miss Prest Motels in Nigeria.My books are there and I use them from time to time as required. I hate reading anything. I am black and proud to be in the Black---. Life has always been good to me and I am proud to have the 2 best things in life; Cora and happiness.

I still enjoy karoake especially private with 2, 3, 4, 5 or six babes (you know what I mean). Its really quite boring and lonely living alone in Germany but I really enjoy the doors I go through and the people medicine makes me to meet.

I use this medium to big up all Uniben crew at the time of my graduation. My hommies like Kingdom Mohimi, Misan Egbe, Tito , Helen Omorodion and her crew, Owen Abbe, Onyechi Obi, Stephanie, Onome Edosio, Eghe Ekhator, Iredia, Figaro, Isoken and her crew, Furo Green etc