UB 40


Riddle Me

I cant help falling in love

I cant help falling in love

Wise men say…only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you…

Shall I say…world it be a sin

If I can't help falling I love with you

* As the river flows…gently to the sea

Darling, so it goes…

Somethings were meant to be…

** Take my hand…take my whole life, too

But I can't help falling in love with you

(Repeat *)

(I can't help falling in love with you)

3 times…fade

Riddle Me

Chorus Riddle me who, riddle me why, answer me thisWho owns the chains that bind your wristsRiddle me who, riddle me why, answer againRiddle me who built the machineThat washed your brain Like parents did before themYour parents did the sameThey said do your best, you must pass the testYou must learn to play the gameThey scrimped and saved and sufferedTo send you off to schoolBut if they'd had the cashThey could've brought the classAnd a different set of rules Chorus Riddle me who ..... Etc They taught a simple systemWhy they had and you had notThey said know your place, you can't win the raceLife's an auction you're the lotIf you'd ever thought to questionThey would never answer you whyWhen they buy your sweat, you are in their debtAnd they own you till you die Chorus Riddle me who .... Etc You took hook line and sinkerEverything they fedWorked day and night, for most your lifeTo earn their daily breadNow your old and wearyAnd you lay you down to sleepWith body worn and spirit tornWhat's left is yours to keep


Well Jerry at de mike come fe DemonstrateYes, Jerry at de mike me come fe DemonstrateMe come fe show de crowd a people dat great is greatRight ya now Mr Jerry at go set tings straightNo MC test Jerry in a ATESo listen dem ya styles I man originateFirst of all me wan you know me na exaggerateAll pirate in de dance me would a evacuateIs a whole leap a space I man accomodateAn a whole leap a gal I accumulateRound de mile Jerry don't need no associateMe chat by meself me no combinateMe study very hard because me want graduateUp de MC ladder I man EssulateTo be a boss MC I'm a chief candidateTrue me fascinate nor irritate and me originateRound de classic Micro-centre dat is where me locateMe no select no tune an Jerry don't operateFe see me lift speaker - box you must fortunateCause asdedance down me gone home me gone go hibernateGoing home de other night me can't remember de dateDe early hours of de morning before people a wakeBopsing down de road it was me worst mistakePolice come draw down pon me an a investigateHim say "Hey son where you coming from don't you know that it's lateI've heard about you niggers and the trouble you create"I said "I'm coming from a party and me going home straightMe just stop a de shop to buy some cigarette an chocolate"When me explain de situation him stop interrogateTurn around jump in a im panda car an say "See you mate!"Is a good ting me never cheeky or be obstinateOr me could a end up visiting de damn magistrateDe house way me live in you know it must decorateAn de girl way me love ave to affectionateNem ya linda lyrics you must penetrateSo listen every word I man and quotateTrue me talking very clear you no need fe translateCause when me riding pon de riddim me no mek no mistakeGasst contagious disease I man vaccinateAn true me no wan catch a dose me no fornicateDe lyrics way me chat dem must varinteSome time me chat itslow sometime me accelerateDem ya kinds style you must appreciateNuff gal come to me a congratulateDem say "Jerry your so good looking can I have you portrait"I say "Yes of course my darling but you know you have to wait"Well dais a something I man have to stateA trollop is a woman with a whole heap a weightDon't tell her to her face cause she will aggrovateAnd if she sit down pon you you will suffocateAt de mile is nuff excitement I Jerry createAnd you know that its not hard for me to exterminateAny boy way come a dance an a duplicateA style him get off a Saxon or a old yard tapeI say de lyrics way me chat dem must variateAn nuff people dem a say don't me impertinateAny gal way me like we must be intimateBut me only make love when me in private