APRIL 2004



Name : ONUS

Nickname : Rude gal

Age / Date of birth : November 10

Location : Nigeria

Sex : F

Contact : simplymii@hotmail.com

GSM : +234 80 35775427

Sean Paul - I'm Still In Love With You

Want e. mail pal? : Yes

Marrital status: Single

Profession : Undergraduate Microbiology. University of Benin.

Hobbies : Reading, Travelling, partying and making friends.

Comment from webmaster :

Onus is a friend I will always cheerish . She does some small small attractive movements with her body that makes one wonder if she even has bones or springs at he hips. Anyway, Onus is lovely, disciplined and very sociable.

Comment from Guest :

Dr. Richie is a friend I met throgh Ivie (my best friend) . He is full of fun and he is life itself. It amazes me how he can combine all he does with his medical profession. I cheerish him very much.