Name Abdul Dagogo Mitch

Nickname : Dagogo

Age / Date of birth: May. 25th.

Locatin: Park Village East, London, NW1 3SR

Sex : M


GSM : +234-80-23319462

50 Cent - Many Men

Interested in making friends ( E.mail Pals)? : YES

Nationality: Nigerian

Marrital status : Single

Profession.: International Business Magoo

Zodiac sign . Gemini

Hobbies: Clubbing, Dancing, Karaoke and meeting people.

Comment from Special guest.

I c life as a small world where anything can happen so i try my best possible to be nice to ppl especially on my way up.....

Comment from webmaster:

Dagogo is a strong and solid man. He has a very special and intuitive probe into the world of internet and he never gives up any project. He is single and the babes love that. He uses his karaoke talent to try to be the Don Juan of the 21st century. All the same, I shall be with him the whole of march 2003 and this will really be fun.