JULY 2003



Name Iguodala Asuen Anthonia

Nickname : Lollyeyes

Age / Date of birth: Sept. 27th...

Locatin: Lagos . Nigeria

Sex : F



Missy Elliott - All N My Grill

Interested in making friends ( E.mail Pals)? : YES

Nationality: Nigerian

Marrital status : Single

Profession.: Advertising

Zodiac sign . Libra

Hobbies: Reading, swimming, surfing.

Comment from Webmaster:
IG. is being made my special guest for this month because of the uniqueness of her personality. She is one of the very few people you cant describe with just words. She is actually a phenomenom. Also very lovely and lovable.

Comment from special guest.

I am a straight forward personality...i believe a contended mind is a peptual feast...friends are special..cos they are made by heart...brothers by chance...i believe greatly in my self and that what keeps me going especially at work...and most of all i believe in give thats the only way you can get...cos givers never lack...