Name : Obehi

Nickname: Lolly

Date of Birth / Age: May 29 198--

Sex: F

E.mail: oby121us@yahoo.com


Tupac Shakur - California Love (ft. Dr. Dre)

Marrital status: Single

Profession: Student Uniben

Hobbies: Party, swimming, Playing board games like Chess and Scrabble, Gisting intelligently. I also like romantic moments.

Oy121us@yahoo.com Obehi

Comment from webmaster


I only make people close and dear to me my special guest and she is one of them. I dont have much but she stands out ammonsgt the few I have. She is refined , talented and most of all was always able to fit into any groove we attended. Her greatest wish in life (As she told me) is to have a lovely family immediately she steps out of Uniben and I know that will not be a problem because she deserves it. I really envy her secretly but we dont operate like that.

Obehi, as promised, I muss be at you graduation. And we shall grrooooovvvveee the city from blue to grey. Ha Ha Ha

Comment from special guests:

Dont mind Dr. Richie. He like praising people too much. I have decided to take like easy and enjoy what destiny has for me. I have met great people and I hope to meet greater people. I have achieved a lot of my aspirations but because of my insatiable fantasies, I have seen that there is joy in being dynamic. I reaaly enjoy the role I play in charity. I believe in God and that is my driving force.