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Our people  say:

 He that pays a piper detects the tone....

When i see the mouth of the death,i remember the folly of one not enjoying thoughout his/her lifetime.... The ruins of a nation is at the home of her people!
Essien Etukudo/ Eket,Akwa ibom state

Our people say:

When eba is too hot, you eat it from the edge.

Posted by Efosa Cyril Agbontaen


Our people say:

"If this hand draws water and washes the other hand, and the other hand

draws water and washes in reciprocation, both hands become clean!"

By working together, we shall excel. Therefore, let us ALL --please--get on

board the ICCOBA ship. This ship will go places!

Yours truly,

Peter E. Uwagie-Ero


"Never mock a fowl with ruffled feathers; it may have just won a fight". Bravo, ICCOBITES are winners!!!

Samuel Osagie Aimufua ------------------- 1976 set.


Our people say:

"One finger cannot remove a louse from the hair." Unity is strength.

Therefore, let's ALL put our shoulders to the wheel!

Peter E. Uwagie-Ero


Our people say ' Urine will only have a "head" when a man pees on a spot'

Our people also say ' Stay long in the latrine and green bottle flies will meet you'

Dr. Dan Selo-Ojeme

*Ayodele Popoola Lagos 13.03.2003

From the smell of mess (Fart), you can tell how the shit will smell.

*King Ben Ibadan 11.03.2003

Fly wen follow dead-body enter grave no get legal advicer

*Francis Manchester 11.03.2003