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Patience Ahagbuje

Life is what you make it. You are what you think you are. Be yourself but free no prisoners.

Nickname : Pessy

Age / Date of birth: 17th March 1983

Location: Abuja / Lagos

Tel.No. +234 (0)80 2362 2929 or 080 6601 3501

Sex :F

Contact: pessy_luv007@yahoo.com

Interested in making friends ( E.mail Pals)? : YES

Nationality: Nigerian

Marrital status : Single

Profession.: Estate surveyor

Zodiac sign . Pisces

Hobbies: Dancing , Listening to music, Reading, working

Comment from Webmaster:

Patience has a way of doing her things that makes her unique. Unique in the sense that she hardly makes a mistake and she believes nothing really bad can happen to her. Her love for music and dancing has tuned her lifestyle into one that is just full of live and she really doesnt know the word "Boredom". She is never boring. But SOHO case?........, na wa o

Comment for Visitors

Life is short. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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