Name : Onyechi Vivian Azuka

Nickname : The Vivjng

Age / date of birth : Sept. 17

Location : Abuja

Sex : F

Contact :

GSM : +234 (0)80 56402822

Want E.mail Pal?: Yes

Nationality : Nigerian

Marrital status : Single

Profession : Building engineering

Zodiac sign : Virgo

Hobbies : Dancing, Swimming, Singing karaoke, watching home videos and meeting people.

Comment from webmaster :

If Vivian was given the chance to design mankind, the world would only know peace. She is as calm and peaceful as she looks and her style of life is not only rare but very adorable. Gudos Azuka.

Comment from Vivian:

Gentleness in life doesnt mean foolishness biut a matured way of showing that you know much and are ready to learn more.