JULY 2004


Nicknames: USCHI

Date of birth : Feb. 11

Location : Germany

Sex : Female

Contact :tangro@freenet.de

Tel. +49-173-5201752

Want e.mail pal? :YES

Marrital status: Single

Profession: Nurse

Usher - Yeah


Disco, Drinking,Romancing,Grooving, Partying and Dancing.

Comment from guests:

I have known Dr. Richie about 3 years now and I can say he is one of the very outstanding doctors I have met in the course of practising as a nurse. I have also had so extra-curicullum time with him and he is really wonderful. My freinds and I wonder how he successfully combines the groovy life that he has with the clean medicine he is practising. He actually exhibits dimorphism.Now he is almost turning a Guru in Javascript. I hail him o

Comment from Dr. Richie

I take Tanja as my Goddaughter and treat her as such. She needs constant care and she deserves it. We have worked together for some time and I hope we continue working together. I call her T.G.. She knows why. She is really my favorite in my hospital. (Dont get me wrong o)